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Scholarship Application-

Must use desktop or laptop

Only 1 application per calendar year
How did you hear about us?
What will you use your scholarship for?

VIDEO: Required 

Please upload a video that includes the following: Name, age, school ( if applicable), grade (if applicable), what you will use the scholarship for? If you have won before- what did you use the scholarship for? If in college what is your major?Why we should pick you- what makes you stand out? You can also include a video of you doing what you love! ( this works if you're shy on camera) :)   If you have any questions, please email us at                                                                               

Please provide a letter of recommendation from a trusted member of the community such as: school principal, counselor, teacher, coach, FFA advisor/4-H leader, church leader/pastor, or mentor. The person who writes the Letter of Recommendation cannot be a relative. Please choose someone who knows you well and can best describe you to the committee as someone who they feel is a worthy candidate for a TLCF Scholarship. You can upload or email letter to 


Upload File
Upload File

Thanks for applying!
We’ll get back to you soon.

This application is for Q2 2024

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